An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale Vendor Information

Information & Guidelines for Vendors at An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale, November 7th, 3-9pm at The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

Thank you for participating in An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale!  Please be familiar with the following guidelines to ensure a fun, safe and satisfying event.

We have 32 vendors -how wonderful!- let’s work to fit together and create a smash-hit of a show!

Advertising We have gorgeous window posters available to be distributed.  Please contact me with the desired amount you would like to have and we’ll coordinate getting them to you!

If you have school or community connections I would greatly appreciate your assistance in spreading the word as well as displaying the posters.  The more who hear, the more who will come and the better business will be for everyone.

We will have an ad in the Williamson County Sun the two weeks leading up to the show, as well as in the Advertiser.  It will also be listed in the community events and is listed through the Chamber of Commerce.

Layout/Booths The room is rectangular and tables (6′)  will line the perimeter as well as 3 rows in the center of the room.  Booth spaces by necessity have altered in size from the original 10’x12′ to a variety including no less than 8’x6′ up to 10’x10′.  As this is our first event and first time using this wonderful venue, it’s been a learning experience.  My sincerest apologies for the inconvenience, which -as a vendor of many previous shows- I know is a significant change.  With more vendors we will have a higher rate of traffic, which means greater success for all, so there is a silver lining!  We will be in contact with you as tables are assigned -priority is given in the order you registered, but we will try to accommodate everyone as best as possible!

Electricity For those needing electricity please bring ample extension cords as well as tape to secure the cording to the floor to prevent visitors and vendors from tripping.  Those with surge protectors available, we’d greatly appreciate having more.  Tables lining the walls will have the best access to electricity.  Wall booths will be provided for vendors needing electricity for their product, not display.  If you do not need electricity it would be wonderful to have you at a center table!  Please read “how to be festive without twinkle lights…” below for fun, electricity-free decor ideas!

Volunteers If you know of anyone who would like to assist in the show we are in need of several folks to help with attendees, vendor set up, etc.  All volunteers who connect with me prior to the event will receive a lovely thank you gift!

How to be festive without twinkle lights and candles No lit candles are permitted in the building, so please do not plan to decorate or display product with the use of open flames.  For those with tables in the center of the room please plan on decorating with festive and/or flashy garland instead of twinkle lights, unless they are battery operated (try Hobby Lobby, Michael’s & Walmart)

Display Guidelines

-Please be considerate of surrounding vendors and do not block other table’s traffic or visually obstruct their displays.

-The Chamber forbids using the walls to hang or display anything, please refrain from doing so.

-Signage may be attached to the front of your table or on it.

-Table coverings must be mid-to floor length!  I recommend bringing an iron to remove creases at the event.  Please make sure table coverings are tasteful and represent your business in a professional light.

-Integrate a Holiday Theme into your table display.  Be as creative as you like, but please don’t leave your table lacking in festive cheer.

Product Presentation Guidelines
Think Christmas gifts!  Create holiday packages or baskets to help shoppers with immediate Christmas gift ideas.  You will do better business if you are ready to sell.  If you are a consultant or independent rep have product on hand and displayed in a manner that will be easy for gift shopping and giving.  Even if you offer a service, get creative and make bundles representing what you can do for shoppers.

Early Set Up We will have early set up at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Nov. 6th, from 6-9pm.  This is an excellent time to bring in tables, large displays, etc. and decorate!  We’ll have a set up party, so join the fun while we get ready for Saturday’s festivities!  Uncommon Women and The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce are not responsible for lost or stolen items and, though I do not expect anything to happen, I leave it to each vendors discretion what they leave overnight.

Saturday Set Up Staring at 10am you will be able to work on your booth.  Both the front and back doors will be accessible for unloading.  Unloading must be finished by 2:30pm to ensure clearance for visitors.

Wine You may serve wine at your booth as long as you are not selling it.  If it’s a free sample or an added perk you’d like to give your customers, I’m sure they will greatly appreciate it!


Attire Business casual with a festive flair!  Remember: Classy, Festive, Fun!

Parking & Set Up After quickly unloading, please do not set up -instead move your vehicle to the Rec Center parking lot next door to free up parking for other unloading vendors and visiting guests.

Tear Down The event ends at 8pm and I ask that vendors depart by 9:30pm.  Please do not start tearing down until 8pm. It is highly unprofessional and is a display of poor business skills for the last visitors to the event.  They just might be your biggest buyers of the day!

Booth Assignments

This layout is to-scale accommodating several different sizes of booths as we get creative with our space!

Vendors in the Foyer:


ACN Independent Rep., Diane Anderson

BBVA Compass, Cameron Snider

Uncommon Women/Kelly Cameron Photography

**Boardroom available!**

Boardroom Vendors:

Liza Lynn -handcrafted jewelry, belt buckles, scarves and more!

2-3 other vendors can claim 8×6-10×10 booth spaces in the boardroom just off the foyer if you would like more room.  Electricity is provided!  The room is brightly lit and very nice, the perfect place to set up a mini-boutique. High traffic is guaranteed as we will be directing guests to you.  Please let me know ASAP if you would like moved to the boardroom.

As vendors decide to move into the boardroom, the meeting room layout may change.  An updated room map will be placed on the website in Vendor Information as assignments alter.

We have 32 vendors -how wonderful!- let’s work to fit together and create a smash-hit of a show!


2 responses

23 10 2009
Shonda Taylor

I just wanted to say that I am really excited for the show and ready to meet some fantastic women of the community. I know I was behind on getting my registration in although I do hope I have close access to one outlet. Best wishes to all those participating. I would be happy to put some flyers around Hutto if some could be sent to me.
Thanks Shonda

4 11 2009

Just a note to say I am very excited about being a part of this fantastic event. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit? Kelly has done such a fantastic job of coordinating this entire event. One of the first steps Kelly made was to join the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and that is such a smart move. I look around this room and see most participants are members and that is so impressive. The Chamber staff is so pleased to have all of you here to enjoy our new facility. Best of luck to all of you on Saturday and happy holidays!

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