Dec. 3rd Girls Night Out with “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”

15 11 2009

pioneer woman cbtour_edited-1Alright Cowgirls, we’re saddling up for a rip-roaring time with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, as she makes her Austin stop during her cross-country cookbook tour!

Carpool with another cowgirl and we’ll meet up at Book People at 7pm.

Check out Ree’s amazing and hilarious website!  She’s a city girl transplanted to a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere with 4 homeschooled kids and a hard workin’, dirt-covered Marlboro-Man-of-a-husband!  She cooks, she writes, she takes amazing photographs and provides oodles of tutorials, PLUS she’ll have you in stitches.

Wear a red bandanna for Uncommon Women (and your inner-cowgirl!) and we’ll hang out for coffee afterward!  Girls Night Out!