Kelly Cameron

July 20th 09 054 copyUncommon Women is an outgrowth of an original dream to have a Christian-based charm school.  At the beginning of this summer (2009) I began a renewed spiritual journey and hungrily searched for God’s greater purpose for my life.  It was a major turning point.  I discovered that my vision for a charm school was too small; God wanted to do more!  Uncommon Women is a network and resource for women of all ages to be encouraged, inspired, challenged and supported as we journey together towards the great things God has for us to do and to become!

I am passionate about helping women fully realize themselves and who they are in relationship with Christ.  Meeting so many women who have unique experiences and talents is a daily inspiration to me.  God wants us to live in community with each other, sharing what we each have so others might be blessed -and I am thrilled to learn along with you, as well as from you!

I am a professional actress working in the entertainment industry for over 13 years and have done theatre, commercials, film and live entertainment in Scotland, England, Alaska, Washington, Texas and Los Angeles.  Holding a BA in English and Theatre, I am also the graduate of 3 charm and etiquette classes and taught at a Charm & Modeling School for over four years before creating my own workshops and classes.  I am a wife, mother of (soon to be) two children, jewelry designer, photographer, lover of hot tea and chocolate, enjoy exercising with my family, camping, reading mystery novels, and dearly love the Lord who’s redeeming power and love know no bounds.

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