What’s New, Pussycat?

28 11 2009

First off, Happy Holidays, Gals! “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” should be just that, so I encourage you to keep what is truly important at the forefront of your thoughts during the hustle and bustle.

I am so excited about what’s happening in our Uncommon world and I would love your feedback and input!

The Uncommon Women Radio Show Pilot: The wheels are in motion as Michael Hagedorn, program director for The My Hometown Radio Show (talk radio 1370AM,) and I are creating the pilot for our two hour weekly morning program to be pitched to Austin’s Christian radio station, The River, by mid-January.  As Michael handles the business side of things, I am writing up the content for the program and have my eyes and ears peeled for great info and fabulous stories to share- which is where YOU come in!  Send me stories, tips, upcoming events, topics you want to hear more about and good news that is of interest to women!  Also, please pray for discernment, direction and financial provision as we move forward with this awesome project.

Teens and Girls Christmas Break Beauty Bootcamp: This is a fabulous Christmas present for your daughters or young friends!  Beauty Bootcamp will be offered over Christmas break in a special condensed version -same hours, less days.  Keep a look out or call for more details about dates and times.   Classes will be offered mainly during the day.  (512) 639-6908

Classes & Workshops: As some of you know, I am expecting a beautiful baby girl Jan. 30th!  As a result of this new bundle of joy, classes and workshops will be temporarily held until March.  But when they start up again, we’re going full steam ahead.  Spring Break will have an excellent assortment of classes for ages 6 and up -from Little Miss Manners, Coed Etiquette for Kids, Beauty Bootcamp, and more. New classes and sessions will be offered several days a week, as well as weekend workshops.  The summer will have even more options, expanding into acting coaching and public speaking workshops.

Uncommon Talent! We are currently working on a fundraiser for Uncommon Women featuring the talented women of Central Texas!  We’ll have a stellar event showcasing YOU (accepting all ages) along with a silent auction filled with amazing products and services donated by local businesses.  The caliber of this show will be truly amazing -you won’t want to miss out on performing or attending!  The event is to raise funds for our monthly meetings, maintenance costs and seasonal events, such as our summer retreat.  Interested in participating or being on the planning committee?  Give me a call or send an email!  (512) 639-6908

I know you have some great ideas to share about content for the radio show, would like to sign you or your daughters up for classes, or want to get involved in other ways with Uncommon Women!  Please shoot me an email or give me a ring -or your people can call my people and we’ll do lunch.

I’m waiting to hear from you, ladies.  Send me your thoughts!


(512) 639-6908


Christmas Cards for Soldiers

25 11 2009

A dear friend of mine and former military wife just sent a notice out about a fabulous, easy thing each of us can do this year to bless our service members!

When doing your Christmas cards this year, make sure you send one to the following address:

Holiday Mail For Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

I encourage you to pass this along and plan on sending some love and thanks to our military service members fighting to ensure our freedom.

Many blessings, and thanks Cherie Shirey for this great info!

On Thanksgiving

25 11 2009

Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Dear Friends, during the start of the holiday season I want to speak peace into your hearts.  Take a few deep breaths.  Spend a few short minutes focusing not on your “to do” lists but on what you have to be thankful for.

I have been hearing various messages that all boil down to this: thankfulness leads to contentment and peace.  Meditating on that simple truth, I have experienced a 180 turn around in my attitude when typically I would be more stressed out than a cat in a bath.  It’s sad and fascinating that life is so easily lived with a negative attitude.  In light of that and with the holiday season on top of us, let’s have some girlfriend time -a little heart to heart- focusing on perspective.

As a photographer I learned early on that focus is everything when you’re taking a picture.  If a subject is blurry, the picture is basically trashed.  Do you see the metaphor?  When the “Happiest Time of the Year” rolls around we usually (guilty as charged) get so wrapped up in the food, gifts, party coordinating, card-giving that we loose focus on RELATIONSHIPS, which is what this time of the year is truly all about.  Refocus on the people in your life and the rest -all those details which seem so important- will take their proper place as things that simply accentuate the festive, cheery time of bonding and reconnecting.

The above verse is one I want you to memorize and repeat to yourself at least daily during this season.  Are you joyful?  Not in a false way, “Here’s my plastic ‘Merry Christmas, everything is wonderful’ smile!”  True joy comes from assessing what you have been blessed with and realizing how awesome those blessings are!  I have a loving family, a redeemed life, a relationship with my Savior -therefore, I am joyful!  Are you praying continually?  I/We forget that life doesn’t entirely rest on our shoulders, but we have a God who is waiting to give good gifts to his children.  “Ask, seek, knock,” as Jesus said in Matthew.  Are you giving thanks in all circumstances?  That doesn’t mean you have to be glad crappy things happen -it means you are thankful that God is there to help you through everything that life brings.  We are not alone, even if we have been abandoned by friends and/or family.  God proves over and over that he is the faithful, steady rock we can stand on or cling to in everything, and for THAT we can be ever and always thankful.

Recently I’ve been at my wits end in parenting my tempestuous 2 year old.  He’s 500% boy and 50% of the time he’s a combination of Verruca Salt and Napoleon.  I have definitely struggled with thankfulness for being a stay-at-home mom, but God has been refocusing my perspective and it’s helping!  I have been contemplating re-entering the corporate world and as we’ve been thinking about that potential change I have been treasuring my position as a full-time mama, despite Wilder’s tantrums.  Realizing that I would be gone for such large chunks of the week and miss out on nurturing him, my attitude has changed to one of gratefulness that I am blessed to be with him now 100% of the time.  Though I can still get overwhelmed with what to do with such a strong-willed child, I am glad that we get to work through this period of his precious little life together, instead of on a part-time basis.

The nitty-gritty:

  • Focus on relationships this year
  • Identify and bask in your joy!
  • Pray, girl, pray!
  • Focus on thankfulness -in everything

Peace be yours and many, many blessings to you and your family.  Thanks for sharing this time with me!  Now, go talk to Aunt Margaret and don’t worry so much about the turkey!

Healthy Holidays -the photos!

20 11 2009


Laura Arnold of At Table shares healthy holiday tips!

Laura illustrating the finer points of a good balsamic vinegar.

Herbed cheese, radish and cucumber tartines.

Delicious tartines -the perfect appetizer. So versatile!

Laura creates elegant food with fabulous flavor, packed with nutrition!

Creating "faux" whipped cream using Greek yogurt and a dollup of heavy whipping cream.

What a treat!  Laura Arnold of At Table treated us all like queens with delicious recipes perfect for making the holidays healthy and scrumptious!  Our taste buds were in heaven, plus the time to connect with such an amazing group of women was priceless!  I love our monthly meetings!  If you haven’t joined us yet, mark your calendars and plan to attend December 11th from 7-9:30pm for more fun and inspiration!

Thank you to each of the uncommon women who attended this evening, and a very special thanks to Laura Arnold for sharing her passion and talents (and food!) with us!

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner For HEALTHY HOLIDAYS?

17 11 2009

Laura Arnold of "At Table" -cooking instructor, restaurant owner, uncommon woman!

This Thursday we’re in for a major treat. And when I say a “major treat,” I’m talking about a red carpet roll out kind of put-your-party-dress-on and invite your best friend kind of major treat.  Because guess what?  Laura Arnold of At Table will be one of our guest speakers!

Pulled right from her website, here’s just a taste of who this amazing gal is.

“Laura Arnold expresses her love of food and people through her company, At Table. Laura’s vision is a “return to the table” where meals and entertaining are a warm and memorable experience.  Laura has worked as a caterer, a line cook and in local bakeries.  Today, Laura owns two restaurants in Austin with her husband, Russell. With At Table, Laura enjoys teaching others about the pleasures of good cuisine and connecting people through food and the arts of the table.”

Cooking up a few of her favorite recipes perfect for holiday entertaining, Laura will be sharing with us how we can provide nutritiously for our family during the festive seasons, make things ahead to save our sanity, and focus on enjoying the experience of entertaining!  And she told me that she’ll be doing something ridiculously delicious with strawberries, balsamic, sugar and cream.  Nobody should miss THAT!  Plus -yes, there’s another plus- Laura will be bringing gift certificates to Zuzu’s, one of the restaurants she and her husband own!  Be a lucky winner and come!

Our second guest is SGT Patton, an active duty, 3 time war vet with so much fitness expertise that it makes my head spin!  SGT Patton will share how to get started on an exercise routine or challenge yourself further in your current fitness level, offer examples of incredibly effective and efficient exercises you can do anywhere with little to no equipment, and debunk many nutrition and fitness myths that we are constantly bombarded by.  Plus he’s really cute so come just to oogle, if nothing else.  Well, and for the food, of course.

Having trouble finding a babysitter for the evening?  Bring your kid(s)! You don’t want to miss out on this fun, festive and informative event.  It’s going to be our best monthly meeting YET! 

Please email for directions uncommonwomengroup@gmail.com

Dec. 3rd Girls Night Out with “The Pioneer Woman Cooks”

15 11 2009

pioneer woman cbtour_edited-1Alright Cowgirls, we’re saddling up for a rip-roaring time with The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, as she makes her Austin stop during her cross-country cookbook tour!

Carpool with another cowgirl and we’ll meet up at Book People at 7pm.

Check out Ree’s amazing and hilarious website!  She’s a city girl transplanted to a cattle ranch in the middle of nowhere with 4 homeschooled kids and a hard workin’, dirt-covered Marlboro-Man-of-a-husband!  She cooks, she writes, she takes amazing photographs and provides oodles of tutorials, PLUS she’ll have you in stitches.

Wear a red bandanna for Uncommon Women (and your inner-cowgirl!) and we’ll hang out for coffee afterward!  Girls Night Out!

Healthy Holidays -Recipes You MUST Try!

15 11 2009

Valerie WhitmoreValerie Whitmore, founder and creator of CDKitchen.com, gave Uncommon Women a list of delicious holiday favorites made “light!” We’ve created a page just for these recipes where you can click, cook and enjoy!

Check out these delicious recipes -they’ve got me drooling and ready to cook!  I guarantee you’ll love them!  Thanks, Valerie!!

orangedot2Healthy Holidays Recipe Page

Healthy Holidays_edited-2And remember, this Thursday, Nov. 19th from 7-9:30pm is our monthly meeting!  “Healthy Holidays:  Enjoy the Season, Lose the Guilt!” Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle before those holiday pounds creep up and leave you feeling flabby on New Years.  Let’s take care of ourselves, respect our bodies, and enjoy some fabulous girl time with terrific guest speakers!  ALL FREE!