Prayer Request -Continually updated

15 12 2009

I just received a phone call from one of our Uncommon Women, Kelly Vidovic, who requested our prayers on behalf of her friend’s daughter.  She was hit in the head with a golf club and suffered a skull fracture, currently at the hospital in critical condition.  We ask that you lift up her precious little life and the hearts of her family members right now.  Please take a moment to pray right now and keep this family in your hearts in the weeks ahead.

Jesus instructed us to lift each other up in prayer; Paul tells us to pray without ceasing.  Let’s do so, ladies.

Thank you,


Update as of last night:

Thank you for your prayers for my friend’s niece. I may have said “daughter” in my state.  They have brought her to Dell Children’s Hospital and she is in surgery as we speak. I will keep everyone updated. Her name is Bailey. She has a depressed fracture on the left side of her head and there is an air pocket on the ct scan. Doctor is worried about bringing on infection. She has a bone fragment missing and an open gash that the doctor said they would either have to put a plate in or use a screw to  close.  I am so grateful to have you and such a wonderful network of Christian woman praying for this child and her family.

Update as of this morning:

3:30am update: our Bailey girl is out of surgery! Doc is very optimistic that it is clean & repaired well. If you would like to pray specifically, please pray that she will remain infection free during the next 24hrs, the most critical time. Glen will be staying w/her 24/7 & sis in law will be coming & going. If all goes well Bailey will come home Thurs. Your prayers were heard & are still coveted by our family.


What’s New, Pussycat?

28 11 2009

First off, Happy Holidays, Gals! “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” should be just that, so I encourage you to keep what is truly important at the forefront of your thoughts during the hustle and bustle.

I am so excited about what’s happening in our Uncommon world and I would love your feedback and input!

The Uncommon Women Radio Show Pilot: The wheels are in motion as Michael Hagedorn, program director for The My Hometown Radio Show (talk radio 1370AM,) and I are creating the pilot for our two hour weekly morning program to be pitched to Austin’s Christian radio station, The River, by mid-January.  As Michael handles the business side of things, I am writing up the content for the program and have my eyes and ears peeled for great info and fabulous stories to share- which is where YOU come in!  Send me stories, tips, upcoming events, topics you want to hear more about and good news that is of interest to women!  Also, please pray for discernment, direction and financial provision as we move forward with this awesome project.

Teens and Girls Christmas Break Beauty Bootcamp: This is a fabulous Christmas present for your daughters or young friends!  Beauty Bootcamp will be offered over Christmas break in a special condensed version -same hours, less days.  Keep a look out or call for more details about dates and times.   Classes will be offered mainly during the day.  (512) 639-6908

Classes & Workshops: As some of you know, I am expecting a beautiful baby girl Jan. 30th!  As a result of this new bundle of joy, classes and workshops will be temporarily held until March.  But when they start up again, we’re going full steam ahead.  Spring Break will have an excellent assortment of classes for ages 6 and up -from Little Miss Manners, Coed Etiquette for Kids, Beauty Bootcamp, and more. New classes and sessions will be offered several days a week, as well as weekend workshops.  The summer will have even more options, expanding into acting coaching and public speaking workshops.

Uncommon Talent! We are currently working on a fundraiser for Uncommon Women featuring the talented women of Central Texas!  We’ll have a stellar event showcasing YOU (accepting all ages) along with a silent auction filled with amazing products and services donated by local businesses.  The caliber of this show will be truly amazing -you won’t want to miss out on performing or attending!  The event is to raise funds for our monthly meetings, maintenance costs and seasonal events, such as our summer retreat.  Interested in participating or being on the planning committee?  Give me a call or send an email!  (512) 639-6908

I know you have some great ideas to share about content for the radio show, would like to sign you or your daughters up for classes, or want to get involved in other ways with Uncommon Women!  Please shoot me an email or give me a ring -or your people can call my people and we’ll do lunch.

I’m waiting to hear from you, ladies.  Send me your thoughts!

(512) 639-6908

Healthy Holidays -Recipes You MUST Try!

15 11 2009

Valerie WhitmoreValerie Whitmore, founder and creator of, gave Uncommon Women a list of delicious holiday favorites made “light!” We’ve created a page just for these recipes where you can click, cook and enjoy!

Check out these delicious recipes -they’ve got me drooling and ready to cook!  I guarantee you’ll love them!  Thanks, Valerie!!

orangedot2Healthy Holidays Recipe Page

Healthy Holidays_edited-2And remember, this Thursday, Nov. 19th from 7-9:30pm is our monthly meeting!  “Healthy Holidays:  Enjoy the Season, Lose the Guilt!” Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle before those holiday pounds creep up and leave you feeling flabby on New Years.  Let’s take care of ourselves, respect our bodies, and enjoy some fabulous girl time with terrific guest speakers!  ALL FREE!

An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale -this Saturday!

6 11 2009

Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale Flier

Click above to hear the details of our fabulous event

Saturday, Nov. 7th, 3-8pm

at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

Across from the Rec Center on N. Austin Ave.

by San Gabriel Park

Check out our amazing vendors!

Shop fabulous products!  Nibble Gourmet delights!  Connect with wonderful services!

All while supporting Central Texas’ finest women in small business!

Beauty Bootcamp!

31 10 2009

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We’re on the radio!

30 10 2009

Ladies, we’re hitting the airwaves! Courtesy of the My Hometown Radio Show, Saturday mornings from 9-11am on Austin’s 1370 AM, we have two radio spots and will be featured on the show Nov. 7th in promotion of An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale!

Here are the two spots (featuring yours truly.)

Please share this link and the site with your friends, family and co-workers to spread the passion to lead Uncommon Lives!

Click Above for An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale!

Click Above to Hear Our Beauty Bootcamp Spot!

My Heart for Charming

27 10 2009

When I was in the fourth grade my mother put my sister and I through our first set of etiquette and charm classes. We met with several gals from our Girl Scout troop at the charm instructors home once a week, looked at diagrams on an overhead projector, learned about crossing our legs, picking out event-appropriate outfits, and how to properly walk up and down stairs.   Honestly, I hardly remember a thing except that the instructor enjoyed scarves, wore grandma-looking clothes and had a small kitchen table.  My nine year old brain was nowhere near desirous to learn the art of good manners, style and charm.  Quite frankly, the instructor was used to teaching women and failed to adjust her instruction to the elementary classroom.  The mothers were delighted that they were doing something constructive to make little ladies out of us, but I was hardly affected.

Round two. Now that I was entering 7th grade my mom tried again, this time with a different instructor.  Here I began to “get it,” sort of…at least I was more interested in learning if I had a “cool” or “warm” skin tone and proper grooming techniques. It was around this time that mom had a Mary Kay gal come over and outfit my sister and I will full skin care and make up kits.  THAT was fun and I will always remember that time of pampering; beauty products spread out all over our dining room table and those cute, little pink mirrors.  That must be why I love being a Spa Girl with BeautiControl -but back to the charm schools.  The instructor had a warmer approach, though I was still uncomfortable and rather petrified of doing something “uncharming” during the class, and the prim and proper instruction did not translate well to life in middle and high school.

In 2002 I signed on to be an instructor with a charm & modeling school and, WOW, was I thrilled to relearn all the stuff I had heard in those previous classes!  Finally I was in a place in my life where being charming, well-polished, etc. made sense! After each training class I felt like I had received new epiphanies and couldn’t wait to start teaching the material.  Getting to reach out to young women and offer them tools to help them succeed in all areas of life was something I quickly became passionate about, but I ran into a few problems. The curriculum I had to follow barely touched on inner beauty.  The girls were told to basically follow these guidelines in how to care physically for and present themselves, but were not instructed in how to beautify their hearts.  Let’s face it, you can have a drop-dead gorgeous woman who appears completely ugly because of a negative attitude or shallow personality.  The other problem I ran into was that there were no classes for women, just girls and teens.  If I was that excited to learn about poise, wardrobe, skin care, public speaking, etc. wouldn’t most women?  Just by integrating a few of these things into your life, you raise your confidence, feeling of self-worth, and performance edge by an enormous amount!

When we moved to Texas I decided to start my own classes -classes that covered all the same points as the other etiquette and charm classes, but also integrated inner beauty taught through a Christian perspective. We must accept God’s love before we can love ourselves, and we must love and accept ourselves before we can love and accept others.  Love is the basis of inner beauty.

I am dedicated to teaching age-appropriate material in an age-appropriate manner. For goodness sakes, a 9 year old needs to be learning about basic communication principles to help her deal with friend and school issues more than she needs to know how to walk up and down the stairs (though that’s also helpful.)  Women need help balancing their lives in order to be more productive and fulfilled, as well as creating more enriching family and relational experiences.   I want to address the whole woman and girl, not just provide a list of etiquette rules. If rules of etiquette are what you are looking for, there are plenty of books (which make my neck muscles tie up in knots when I read them -honestly, who can be THAT perfect?)

If you enroll in an Uncommon Women charm or confidence course or workshop you are going to get a very real approach to becoming even more fabulous, because that is what I am passionate about.  I have a heart for helping women and girls blossom into the gorgeous women God created them to be!

Our next group of courses start next week; Beauty Bootcamp will be in full swing!

Women’s Beauty Bootcamp:  Monday nights, Nov. 2-23, 7-9:30pm (ages 18+)

Teen’s Beauty Bootcamp: Tuesday nights, Nov. 3-24, 7-9:30pm (grades 9-12)

Girl’s Beauty Bootcamp: Wednesday nights, Nov. 4-25, 7-9:30pm (grades 6-8)

Women, I know you want to invest in your daughters but please consider investing in yourselves, too.  You are worth it -and the results of this time spent on you will truly last the rest of your life!

Call me, Kelly Cameron, at (512) 639-6908 or email to register or sign up for upcoming December classes.