October’s Uncommon Women Event: Small Business & Balancing Priorities

21 10 2009

What a wonderful gathering we had this past Friday for our October Uncommon Women get together! Thank you to each of the gals who attended and enriched our group.

I am continually inspired by the women I meet. Just today I serendipitously met two women with phenomenal backgrounds and fascinating jobs.  Sharing Uncommon Women leads me to meet uncommon women -and that is electrifying.

Driving down back home from running errands today I was struck by how awesome my job is. I get to be a full-time Mommy AND network with women as I work towards creating a community that is focused on inspiring, educating and empowering women to live fully.  When I talk to others about my job I’m on fire!  When I connect with the passions in other women’s lives, it’s thrilling!  I come back from these experiences, meetings and events with so much energy and gumption, it’s clear that I’m doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.  This is God’s vision for my life and I am reveling in the fulfillment of my purpose.  It is so -and soul- satisfying.

Our big event is coming up!  November 7th is “An Uncommon Holiday Show & Sale” held at the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce, across from the Rec Center, from 3-8pm.  We have nearly 30 vendors -all women-owned small businesses! It’s going to be a festive holiday event with wonderful shopping, connecting with great services and meeting other Uncommon Women who are living their passions!

Next month’s meeting will be Friday,  November 20th from 7-9:30pm. More details on that coming soon!

Again, many thanks to the gals who attended October’s meeting!  And remember:   Live Your Passion TODAY!




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