A “Looking Fabulous” Follow Up By Stylist Jen Hoover

13 09 2009
Hi Ladies!!
It was so, so fun chatting the other night at Kelly’s, and I hope that you all learned a thing or two (or three!) from my demonstration.  I love to teach what I know, and really want to continue  in helping you reach your beauty goals.
Hair, skin, and make-up may be on the outside, but it’s about feeling worthy on the inside to look and feel as you should -beautiful and shining! So take L’Oréal’s advice and do it “because you’re worth it”!
DSC_0022 1
I wanted to send a memo out with some of the products I mentioned.
Urban Decay also makes a nice shadow primer, but you will be paying about 3 times as much for the same product.
Eyeshadow primer is to be used whenever applying shadow, or on it’s own, and foundation primer to be used when wanting foundation to last extra long, or to help smooth complexion.

-For oily skin, I suggest Make-up Forever’s All Mat primer.
-Also, oily skins will enjoy Make-up Forever’s Mat Velvet foundation line, available in Sephora.
-For normal to dry skin types I reccomend Beauti Control foundations, their Secret Agent foundation is very nice and natural looking.
-If  anti-aging benefits sound good to you, they make a regeneration foundation.
-All of the BC products you can order through me, and if you’re interested in earning some free things, you should host a spa party at your house with your friends! The other things can be found at Sephora.

Jen’s BeautiConrol Page

So remember- clean face, and open eyes!!



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