8 09 2009

Influence quote 1If I want to spend less money, it helps to have friends with the same goal.  Going out with the ladies on a social shopping spree or for an expensive lunch date won’t help me save my nickles and dimes.  Who and what we surround ourselves with directly influences our attitudes, goals and lifestyles.

Remember when your folks told you not to hang out with a certain crowd?  They knew the power of influence and wanted to guard you from going in a negative direction with your life.  Think about where you are now.  Take one minute to list the people, activities and materials you spend most of your time with. What is the overall tone from these?  Positive?  Negative?  Ho-hum?

booksWhen a person is serious about, say, being a writer they must do two things:  1) Read and 2) Keep writing.  It is also extremely helpful for them to meet regularly with other writers to share tips, ideas and experiences.  If we want  joyous and productive lives, ones of  Uncommon Women, then we must use the example of the writer.

First, we must focus on positive input and influence in our lives. Just as the writer is constantly learning from other authors by voracious reading, we must be intentional about who and what we’re filling our lives and consciousness’ with.  What shows do you watch, which books are you reading, what sites do you regularly scroll or check?  Are they fluffy filler or things or substance?  While it’s necessary and fun to let your brain have a break, don’t send it on permanent vacation by wasting your precious free time or moments on things of little or negative substance.Influence quote 2

Secondly, keep moving forward. Have goals of various lengths -daily, weekly, monthly, etc., that will challenge you to things of significance with your life.  They may be as small as deciding to make an extra batch of banana bread to give to a lonely neighbor this week, write 5 letters this month, or join a book club, but each goal counts in helping you keep from living a stagnant life.  Imagine you met a writer.

“A writer?  Really!  Wow, so what have you written?”

“Well, I wrote a college paper on Teddy Roosevelt that was really good.  And I wrote out a shopping list yesterday.”

“Oh.  When did you did you go to school?”

“Twelve years ago.”

Not much of a writer, huh?  A true writer doesn’t just declare themselves and claim success, they have to daily work on improving their craft and enlarging their portfolio, making constant steps forward.  Take some time right now to list a few things you have really wanted to do and make goals to start doing them!  It’s all up to you.  Keep practicing living a productive, meaningful life by moving forward.

Thirdly, get connected and stay connected! Just as  writers need to network and share their experiences to keep improving their craft, we need to regularly surround ourselves with others who are like-minded, positive and dedicated to living uncommon lives.  When we spend time with others who inspire, encourage and challenge us we are easily propelled forward with passion!

Uncommon MissionOur parents were right.  Who we hang out with, what we put into our brains and bodies have direct correlations to the lives we lead.  Look at where you are right now.  What areas do you want to improve?  Most positive people in your life, less time watching reality t.v. shows, start some new healthy habits?  Honey, YOU CAN DO IT!  Make sure you’re headed in the right direction and be aware of what you are allowing yourself to be influenced by.  It’s all up to you, now go rock your world.




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