6 09 2009

19 weeks pregnantAt 19 weeks into my second pregnancy I am beginning to round out all over and, quite frankly, I’ve been having a hard time feeling attractive.  Thinking on how I can improve my outlook on this new figure and my “in between” look of pregnancy, I’ve been reminded of a few key beauty tips I’ve just got to share with you.

I have learned that the majority of outward beauty has everything to do with attitude.  A beautiful attitude (or beautittude) equals a beautiful woman, and the reverse is most definitely true.  So here are a few things I’m trying to do to make sure I am as beautiful as I can be -it’s a work in progress.

Be someone others would want to be around. I’ve had a hankering for more quality time with my man, but sporting a sour attitude, “Pay attention to me!  I’m special, or didn’t you get the memo?!” will get me NOWHERE.  Same thing goes for my friends.  Am I a good listener?  Do I express genuine care?  Is my schedule reflecting my priorities (making dates to maintain relationships, etc.)?  If you’re a positive, thoughtful person others will be drawn to you like moths to a flame.

Relax; SMILE more! Jen Hoover noted this as her top beauty tip in our interview with her, and she is truly right on.  So spread the love and show those pearly whites!

Take care of yourself. Do your make-up, shave your legs, lather on some lovely lotion, spritz that light scent and feel like a woman.  Wear items -jewelry, lingerie, clothing, pampering products- that make you feel pretty.  Get quality sleep.  Go for a walk -daily.  I can’t stress enough the importance of taking time out to refresh yourself through physical exercise.  Do it regularly and you’ll notice a MUCH happier you, which always equals an even more beautiful woman.

And here’s the kicker:  Be confident. A person who is sure of themselves makes a huge statement.  When that confidence is paired with love -watch out, world, here comes a true beauty!  I’ve known women who were not at their ideal weight, garbed in garage sale finds and regularly got haircuts under $15 and -wow- were they beautiful, all because of how they held themselves and their loving attitude towards others.

So I’m going to take care of myself, stand tall, love on others, be positive and remember to smile more.  Hey, I feel more beautiful already!

Now you try!




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6 09 2009
Ken Kendall

You are a wise woman. Beauty truly comes from all the great things inside. I don’t quite get how it works but the more you get to know a confident, secure, funny, smart, wise woman, the more beautiful she gets.

I just started a new blog and would love your comments and feedback. If you have time, please take a look.

Thank you

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