Uncommon Mission

5 09 2009

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to join in in my vision to encourage women of all ages to be confident, godly, beautiful -inside and out, and live purposeful, passionate lives.

I want you to think of a combination of several things well known to most of us and see if you can grab on to what Uncommon Women is all about.

Girl’s Night meets
Women’s Bible Study meets
Finishing/Charm School meets
Business Classes meets
Networking Events meets
Personal Life Coach meets
Inspirational Speaker.

That’s what I have in mind and that’s what I am creating here. This is a virtual community where I hope to include as many women who seek to live uncommon lives, as I seek to.

So what’s an uncommon woman? Let me introduce you to Stacy, she is the perfect candidate.

Stacy can barely keep up with life. Between working full time and managing a household with three kids, there’s not even time in the day to think, much less start working out, eating healthier, renovating her wardrobe, relationship maintenance with friends and family, joining a bible study or book group, and she can’t even fathom getting back into her previous and well-loved hobbies. Stacy is existing, not living, and one night when the house is quiet and she’s looking at OldNavy.com finding deals on school clothes for the kids -it hits her. There’s GOT to be more. She WANTS more. Time freezes, her breathing slows -she realizes that she has been living without direction and without purpose, a slave to the daily grind. A deep aching rises inside her and she longs, oh how she longs, to not waste her life. She wants to be an Uncommon Woman.

Stacy. You’re in.

Explore with me what it means to be Uncommon Women. We’ll be interviewing women just like you who have decided to live fuller, inspired and purposeful lives. I want with all my heart to share the tremendous blessings, those “hidden secrets” to living -this moment forward- with passion, joy and direction. Please, join me!




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